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Art + Fic. [Aug. 18th, 2008|04:17 pm]
Lavi x Reever

I suppose this community needs some love and updating. Here's my art attempt (in comments there's also a link to a little story I wrote) - Art. Hope you enjoy it.
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Confessio Serius [Feb. 28th, 2008|12:06 pm]
Lavi x Reever

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Posted this awhile ago in reever_reever but it's certainly appropriate here

Title: Confessio Serius
Author: animalboything
Pairings: Surprise! (Hint: Community Name)
Summary: The personal narrative of Reever Wenhamm falling in love as per stream of consciousness.

Confessio SeriusCollapse )
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Under Construction [Jan. 29th, 2008|03:40 pm]
Lavi x Reever

Obviously, this community was created some time ago but we've been a bit behind on layout and all that jazz.

Fear not - it's coming, and coming soon. Insert a dirty joke here if you'd like.

We will have contests periodically with awesome prizes - such as fanart, banners, icons, ficlits, etc.

Donations in terms of layouts are also loved.

Please give us suggestions for how we can make the community improve as well.
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